For every new visitor we are like an ordinary online store selling various medicine but once they try our medicines we become extraordinary as we believe what we sell is the best of its kind.

Professional perspective always says this is a loss-making a thing to offer a discount on the product which is already discounted.
But we have some different thought process, due to the huge purchase of medicine by us our manufacturers give us a great price and we thought it would be great marketing if we could share some percentage to our customers.

You are not required to worry about quality as we have strong and dedicated quality checks up the team in action for all the time.

Generic medication is a global concept which entitles the production of same material by other company in the same region or another country.
Generics are nothing but the same product sold by the company who is not involved in heavy marketing which is the main reason of hiked prices.

You will able to track your delivery using order details and in rare cases, we face delays due to some unavoidable circumstances.