Silagra 100mg Tablets - Approved Medication for ED


Now a man can try for Silagra which is an approved medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Irrespective of being a generic version of Viagra it posses all the required properties that make him so potent that gives 4-6 hours of erection support to consuming patient. Enriched with first ever approved PDE5 inhibitor compound Sildenafil Citrate this medicine leaves no footprints of erectile dysfunction behind once it is consumed.

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Hectic routine and junk food lifestyle have put an adverse effect on our lives and not only it attacks our physical health, but sexual health is also getting affected due to this lifestyle. Due to this kind of lifestyle, sexual health of a man is now in danger and many men are facing issues related to an erection which is commonly called as Impotence.

When a man is affected with this sexual dysfunction he cannot take part in sexual activity that reduces his confidence and moral and on the other hand, his partner has to remain unsatisfied which also put a bad effect on her too. One has to find out the solution and treatment that can help him to survive this problem.

Erection is nothing but the series of actions which has been performed to send enough blood amount toward male organ and that results in an erection. When a man suffers from erectile dysfunction man fails to receive enough blood supply due to constrictions in the area of blood vessels which makes them difficult to carry blood toward the male sexual organ.

This medicine starts it's working after sexual stimulation because sexual stimulation releases signals from a brain for the release of blood and this medicine directly work on limiting the growth of PDE5 enzyme and increases the level of cGMP molecules which results in relaxation of blood vessels. Blood can be easily sent to the penis once vessels get relaxed and man can achieve a strong erection. This compound has the capacity to hold blood force inside the penis for a long time and thus man can easily achieve and maintain an erection up to 4 hours.

1) Silagra can be purchased at at an affordable cost. Depending on the seriousness of the issue, one should select Silagra dosage with the help of doctor consultation.

2) One should not overdose the medicine as it is not going to add more hours of erection, but it will definitely give you some side effects.

3) One should consume Silagra 100mg tablet with an empty stomach and with a glass of regular water.

1) Consumption of Silagra medicine should not be done when any other medicine for the same health issue is in the active course.

2) This medicine releases blood to various organs such as lungs, heart along with the penis that results in a rise in blood pressure and because of this patient should do any such activity that will trigger his blood pressure. Activities such as driving, jogging, traveling on a flight should be avoided after consumption of Silagra 100mg.

3) Man can take this pill only if he suffering from erectile dysfunction, this medicine is not allowed to take just to prolong the erection.

1) Silagra is one of the pocket-friendly medicines, safe to use and easily available medicine that one can buy Silagra online directly from a genuine online drugstore and get many additional benefits such as free shipping, discount.

2) One can easily achieve an erection just within 30-45 minutes of consumption.

1) One may experience some sort of side effects as a result of improper consumption or physical stress, but in most of the cases, it is temporary. One may experience vomiting sensation, nausea, mild headache, restless feeling.

2) In rare cases, one may experience some side effects such as heartbeat change, blood pressure rise or heavy breathing.

Utilization of Silagra 100mg tablet should be done only once in 24 hours and the patient should take a break otherwise getting habitual of this medicine may result in a lack of performance naturally.